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First of all, we would like to give you a warm welcome to TronLive forum :tada: For those who are new to TronLive, let’s join us and create an awesome TRON community! A community that is open to all TRON supporters, regardless of race, ethnic, culture, nation, gender, or whichever TRON SR community group that you are from. Well, TronLive forum is also open to TRON haters too. We would like to know what’s there to hate about TRON. May be our fellow Tronics here will show you the good side of TRON and you will be proud to join this revolutionary mission at an early stage :revolving_hearts:

For those who have been with us since the original forum, welcome back! Let’s continue and carry on with the spirit we had before, helping each other out from the bottom of our hearts and witness the growth of TRON together :hugs: We apologize that you have to go through registration again since this new forum was set up on an entirely different platform. However, this forum will be much faster and more user-friendly than the one we had before. Moreover, we will be able to accommodate thousands of TronLive members that were stuck in the pending approval queue before, and much, much more new users so they can join our discussion.

In this forum, we hope to have many, many meaningful discussion about :tron: news and progress, have constructive research to debunk fake rumors, have thoughtful thinking process to select solid TRON SR, have in-depth analysis to spot great TRON20 ICO and much more.

In order to let everyone have an enjoyable stay here, there are few simple rules we hope all Tronics should follow:

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  • Do not bash or put down other coins unless those are obvious scam that you would like to warm others. We are all early adopters of cryptocurrency and we should focus our effort on the growth of cryptocurrency.

  • Do not mock or put down other TRON SR group. We all want to help TRON and build a better ecosystem, so let’s unite and keep focus on our common goals.

  • Do not use offensive or bad language against others. We are all adults here so please watch our language. If you find anything inappropriate, kindly use the flag function to keep the community clean.

  • Do help out others if you have the answer to their questions so more people can understand TRON better.

  • Do respect others’ English level (as English may not be their first language) so more people are comfortable to speak out.

  • Do invite friends and family members to TronLive so we can all grow the community together.

If you haven’t signed up on TronLive yet, show us your support and sign up now as you will get a lot of useful features from TronLive forum. Some of the useful features include:

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Registration only takes less than a minute. After you are done, start your first post in this topic and let us know why do you support TRON and how do you think the future will hold?

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I’m thrilled to be apart of the new forum and the great new website! I’m looking forward to some informative discussions on various topics revolving around the TRON world. I know my knowledge about TRON will grow with these conversations so we can all be better informed than when we first logged in. I’m big in the Tron Dogs game so if any questions about that pop up let me know. Always happy to help. Again, it’s great to be aboard this great ship that will help promote TRON for years to come!


PaulTRX - Tron Dogs Info


Great to see this forum is back! I was here from the start when tron dogs just came out! It was a nice community with alot of trading! Im hoping that we will be a community again that helps eachother with TRON and all game app games! Im here to help where ever i can! My nickname is Robinho85 on tron dogs and game app so chat me when you need me!

Tronlive thx for all your hard work on this forum and i hope it will be a succes!

Greetz Robinho


Hello everyone FizzyFizz here, very glad to be apart of this epic journey with you all. Tron is on the brink of Huge things, and we get the exciting opportunity to watch it all unfold. My first name is Eric, and I have been playing pet planet since around January. Really excited to see where this avenue will take us. I love to make tron art, and will probably post a lot of it here in a topic or something. :+1:. Talk to you all soon.


Hello and welcome everyone!

I am very excited in the potential of Tron, the innovative idea behind decentralized networks, and the overall transformation crypto currency will have on the world. It will take some time but I truly believe in the technology and it’s potential. I believe Tron will be a leader in this field and I am excited to join the ride. I am a big supporter of the crypto gaming community, to include Tron Dogs, Everdragons, etc, and I am more than happy to offer advise, debate topics, etc. Let the fun begin!



Hi All,

Feels good to be back. Thanks for all the hard work of putting this new site together. I missed having this forum. All the help and information I got from the forum before was really helpful and kept me connected with what’s going on. Looking forward to reconnecting with everyone!



Hi everyone, glad to see some familiar faces here. My main interest is in cryptogaming which I think may well be the gateway for adoption of cryptocurrency for the general public. I believe TRON is particularly well positioned with its partners to be the premiere platform for cryptogaming in the entire crypto space. So I’m excited to be here and work with you all to help grow the TRON gaming community.

See you around,


Welcome Everyone!

It is great to have Tron Foundation and TRON LIVE creating this community space and consensus.

I feel appreciative to be here and share and discuss together kindly.

If anyone is new here, to cryptocurrencies, Blockchain Technology… and or has questions about the TRON TVM, touring complete for developers, smart contracts and general coding and deployment of contracts questions, please feel free to ask me and or each other and I will do my best to answer and give support.

If you have questions about how to vote, what participants of SR does what and or to learn more about Charity Compassion Coin CCC SR candidate please be open and ask any questions you would like.

Best and Kindest Regards!

-Kingdom Trimurti Kendall
-Charity Compassion Coin CCC


I believe TRON is particularly well positioned with its partners to be the premiere platform for cryptogaming in the entire crypto space.

I agree that great secure games on the blockchain is a big move and for all media and file sharing through Tron and BitTorrent will create a big presence and household name long term globally.

We’re the pioneers! :sunny:️:dove:

I am very excited in the potential of Tron, the innovative idea behind decentralized networks, and the overall transformation crypto currency will have on the world. It will take some time but I truly believe in the technology and it’s potential. I believe Tron will be a leader in this field and I am excited to join the ride. I am a big supporter of the crypto gaming community, to include Tron Dogs, Everdragons, etc, and I am more than happy to offer advise, debate topics, etc. Let the fun begin!

Awesome, I as well feel that long term Tron TRX, the acquisition with BitTorrent are all massively right steps in the right direction for success and as a game changer in the industry of technology and blockchain based relationship with P2P file sharing and massive file load movements and storing in a secure and protected way.

I truly feel TRON TRX is now a legacy coin!

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Let us hodl the future together! It is all how we shape the future, let’s make it a positive one!



Hello! Very nice forum TronLive, happy to be pioneering alongside such a strong community, we will grow together, we will spread the knowledge & awareness of the TRON network, Thank you for the invite!


Great words of kindness! Thank you for sharing. :dove:


Hey Everyone

This looks like a great new platform where everyone can collaborate! Look forward to looking at some great new posts here.

Hope everyone enjoys the platform.


Thanks for all the kind words @PaulTRX @Robinho @Fizzord @Clayton @kelp @ppresto @CCC-Cryptocurrency @Drew and @cryptoguyinza. Welcome to TronLive. We just opened up the forum for public registration and also created 2 new topics to the forum:

What useful application can we expect to see after the launch of TVM?
Which TRON SR should you vote for?

You may now invite others to join the conversation. Let us build a better ecosystem for TRON altogether!
Again, thank you for your support and time to test out the forum during limited beta testing. :handshake:


Heheey! Tronics.
I`ve read today Justin twitter post about community consolidation in Tron.Live forum…
nice step… hope it help TRON to grow up.
So i decide to translate it to my local language… Russian.
So, russian Tronics can use it on their own resources :slight_smile:

Here is original article:
There is translated one:

If this was useful for your site\channel, would be fun and interesting experience to get some TRX to test my tron wallet : TKTXnbPrVuhsKXYgdZpR6q5NNKrJ44jaQC


I agree on all the regards of this article, the aspect of investing and true profitability is retained in the hands of big investors that either are placing a holdings of financial trust into TRON Foundation for ROI (Return On Investment) or directly in connection with a self product or service being corporately platforned through TRON’s Blockchain Technology.

The other aspect falling upon day traders and SR voters only for returns of TRX profits and interest gives fluidity and higher transactional volumes on market trackings and records, yet not nessarily as a belief in the underlying ability of TRON’s successful innovations and progresses.

Long term holders and long term voters are an integral part of the longterm success as well as true believers of SRs, what we offer as block producers, and our own foundational structure and what we serve to independently function as for solving certain aspects of humanities conflicts and technologies through blockchain’s innovative ability to serve and solve these conflicts, again through the service TRON Foundation provides as a whole.

This is a strong reason I have brought my charity organization Charity Compassion Coin CCC into the TRON Foundation and into an active and growing position with voter backings as a TRON Super Representative longterm term. Bring the technology of blockchain I know and have come to learn is a solving and importance aspect of trust and transparency globally among humanity and governments of charitable giving and tracking with blockchain. TRON’s Blockchain!!


Creating a topic of announcement about the recent Blessing contest giveaway put forward about the TRON Independence day and the TVM :rocket: launch!

Click and participate in the “TRON TRX & TVM Community Blessing” link below and join the TRON LIVE Forum Discussion to participate further!

TRON TRX & TVM Community Blessing!


Welcome @namaissur and thanks for your translation. We truly appreciated it. We are currently planning on giving some kind of rewards to early supporters. This kind of passion is what we need to help the community grow further.

We noticed that there are quite a number of new sign ups but members are probably a bit too shy to leave replies. Come on out Tronics, we need your great contribution to take TRON further! :wink:


I’m supporting Tron for couple of reasons. I’m a minor geek, old but fascinated by new. I feel Tron is trying to do something that the world needs, take some control over our lives away from governments that have over-regulated us while making that world more efficient and equal.
Honestly, I’m also in it for my own financial gain (fingers, toes and everything else crossed). I am caring for my Wife, who has been diagnosed with Dementia. While we live in a very luck country and receive small government pensions, the costs of living are rapidly increasing while our pensions are not.
I have a very small amount invested in Tron and that’s all there is. We’re being very careful in the hope that in a year or so, we can be a little less careful :smile:
Short version, investing for a better future in a better world… while my Wife can still enjoy it.



Thank you for sharing yourself here like this: I have here link to CCC telegram channel: https://t.me/CharityCompassionCoin

Please if you may ask for me (Kin) in the group channel I would like to send to you a TRX donation to add to your holdings.