What useful application can we expect to see after the launch of TVM?


Most Tronics should know an updated version of TVM is launching today. If you do not know what a TVM is, read our article on What exactly is TRON Virtual Machine (TVM) and check out the livestream about TVM.

In this topic, let’s discuss what kind of application do you think will be useful on TRON’s platform. Please provide your reasons too.

This not only served as a way for Tronics to share their ideas but also for developers to potentially take these ideas and convert it into reality.


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TRON TVM Important DApp Concepts

BitTorrent And UTorrent

Applications pertaining to BitTorrent I feel are very important to lkngetivoty of the future of the way we file share and obtain mass media’s: news, music, movies, shows, documentaries, tutorials, blogs, etc all under one massive database interface and housing.

Other important applications to integrate and build through the TVM:

Specifically a concept app that functions the entertainment industry’s music sound leveling and especially lighting programming would specifically be a game changer for the professional performing arts industry, music live concert and venue arena performances and shows: MMA, UFC, Concerts, etc.

With this blockchain based app, lighting shows and LED functionality and programmimg will be functioned through device apps such as iPads, smartphones and desktop interface DApps connected together through venue and theatre WiFi servers and hotspots.

I feel this solves the aspects of fluidity and speed of function of such apps controlling lighting and sound through tackable contract deployment programs that tell when and how a sound level moves and at what certain point and time during a show performanc. Similar also for lighting programs in that contract deployments tied in with DApp builds that can change and custom program connections to physical lighting and lasers that are told what color to change to, at what angle to point at, and when during any given point of a choreographed show performance.

I as well feel it important for developers to integrate DApp programs that help air traffic control and traceability of all global airflights, times, locations, and even that connects to the physical passenager planes and cargo carriers speed, altitude, and fuel levels. This can innovate technologies standards on traceability of actual physical tangible objects and the security of humanities safety while in the sky or say instances of a plane crash, more precise ability of where a plane was and what occurred during the time and to better serve rescues and recoveries of such occurrences. As well as to better serve and protect against terrorism and hijackings of aircrafts and planes.

The ability of the TRON TVM and the future it holds will innovate and succeed humanity and many vast industries alike long term I feel overall globally and with shear success.


-Kin Trimurti Kendall
Founder of Charity Compassion Coin CCC
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