Which TRON SR should you vote for?


Some Tronics may already know which TRON Super Representative to vote for but some are still unsure what’s the benefit of voting and how will it help TRON. We have setup a new TRON SR page to show you a list of SR that had an interview with TronLive.

Of course, some SR gives back rewards to the community which is a bonus, however, rewards should not only be the only factor when considering which SR to vote for. A good SR should provide stability and good projects and activities to the community.

In this topic, let’s discuss what a good SR should bring to the TRON ecosystem.

Please don’t use this topic to solely promote your team. Help out others with questions related to TRON SR so more Tronics will know the benefit of voting.


Welcome to TronLive

What Tron has done is outsourced the running of their network. The Tron Super Representatives are 27 organizations who run “witness nodes” which are the nodes that produce blocks. The original PoS, proof of stake, required a witness node to deposit a large amount of coins into a stake account which proved they have a vested interest in keeping the blockchain intact. DPoS, or delegated proof of stake gives every coin a vote on who will be the witness nodes. DPoS works on a system of levels of trust. By voting for an SR, you are saying that you trust them to be a block producer.

Some SR’s will share their earnings with the voters who elect them. Sometimes this is an outright bribe, sometimes it’s an incentive, and sometimes it’s just to compensate the traders who feel that locking their coins up for voting turns it into “dead money.”

It’s up to each TRX coinholder to decide who are the most trustworthy organizations offering to run witness nodes. You could even say it’s a responsibility that every TRX coinholder has to bear.

As I said before, Tron is outsourcing the running of the network. That pretty much means that the Super Representatives are who you turn to when you need support. So in addition to being reliable, you also want to vote for a Super Representative who provides accurate information and is an asset to the community.


I find that it is important for SR’s such as those currently producing blocks to help bring other SRs still not producing blocks with our witness nodes to bring knowledge of ourselves to the community of voters to split up votes down towards strong and sturdy SR’s that provide a long term future incentive to the community and foundation of the TRON Economy.

How is this done? By community spaces such as here to dislcose moving forward about which SRs have these set disclosure in our team pages that show the transparency of a great amount of in-depth detail of incentives and backgrounds.

Also at TRON.LIVE where full media YouTube interviews and textual interview are present for teaching the general public further about incentives we provide for the TRON Foundation’s future and strength of growth.

Such SRs like TRONWATCH bringing forth the TRONLINK platform alike to metamask for ethereum but far more advanced than metamask from my reviews.

I as the founder of CCC also track in live feeds along with other interesting news about crypto and blockchain reviews of different SRs with live chat discussions available on YouTube for us to ask questions and learn about in-depth, up to date current disclosures and progresses of SRs. A coverage of each SR provides for the community and TRON Economy safe knowledge of competent block producers… If any would like this link to live feeds please feel free to contact via DM (Direct Mesasge) here.

Others abilities of TRONWATCH SR is their OS wallet, DEX Exchange and again their TRONLINK developments for the TVM (Tron Virtual Machine).

So it is true that voting for TRX interest accrual is fine and expected from all voters, but also not the only sole important aspect, as that will not do anything to grow TRON full circle into the direction it is headed in for success of the future of Web 4.0, globally as a household name.

How further will SRs provide serving TRON and the entire spectrum I am looking forward to hearing directly from the other SRs directly on this platform, the TRONLIVE forum and the growing community base long term.

In CCC if you are a developer that will begin developing DApps upon the TVM (Tron Virtual Machine) and need financial help of funding, Charity Compassion Coin pledges that to be voted into position as a block producing SR that 25% of all block production TRX rewards will be allocated out to you the DEVs through our CCC TRON TVM DEVELOPER FUND

These incentives and support by SRs alike to our CCC platform, TRONWATCH and many other competent SRs are the importance of what further your votes mean to serve and define the TRON Foundation longterm overall for success all around together as. This is the incentive of why and how we want to reward you the voters.

Have a great, kind, safe day and lifelong journey.

God bless your kind hearts.